I’m starting this blog after reviewing John Sonmez’s “Blogging to boost your career” email course. At first I was pessimistic about starting a blog thinking I’m not an expert at any topic. However, I decided to give it a try anyways.

Being new to Natural Language Processing (NLP) field, I thought I would use this blog to share what I learn. I often find myself noting down “terms” that are new to me and think to myself that I will look them up later, but that later doesn’t happen. This blog will start out as an introduction to NLP and machine learning.

I am a procrastinator and getting something done when there are no immediate deadlines can be a big challenge. So, in part, the purpose of this blog is to create deadlines for myself and keep learning. I also sometimes find it difficult to convey/explain concepts. I know that being able to explain something to a novice is a test for understanding. This is one of the skills I intend to develop by blogging.

I would be very happy to receive any feedback. I’m just starting out in this field so if I make a mistake, PLEASE tell me. Or comment just for the sake of discussion.



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