R: update R version

Today I ran into R memory issues. Upon investigation, I was suggested to try out “feather” package. The problem I faced was that the package was released with R version 3.3 while I was still using R version 3.2. I tried install.packages(“feather”) but the command failed. I also tried compiling from source using devtools but that did not help either. Eventually, I decided to update to version 3.3.

I came  across this post “Updating R from R (on Windows) – using the {installr} package“. It is a short and simple tutorial to update R version. To summarize:

  1. open Rgui
  2. run following code
  3. choose from options as they appear

My packages did not copy correctly to the new directory and I had to do it manually.

Thank you Tal Galili for sharing this easy way to update R.


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